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Journal last updated: Saturday, May 8th 2010 at 1:42 AM
Now I have lots of Novelties!

I may be a 1 clicker.
I am not but I know that there are hundreds.
Honestly people, if you go around moaning about one clickers you will be lucky if anyone clicks you! it's only a game!
If you have time click my pal pad
When I am online I will go through the online list

Hatch something. COMPLETED
Get a Novelty. COMPLETED
Get every account upgrade. WHAT!
Find a treasure chest. COMPLETED
Get a level 100. COMPLETED
Hatch Togepi. COMPLETED
Get a Legendary. COMPLETED
Get every starter. COMPLETED
Fill up my rare box. COMPLETED
Get a shiny. OUCH!
Get a Ditto. Ouch again!
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