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Journal last updated: Wednesday, December 6th 2017 at 2:40 AM
Unfortunately, I'm still a Poliwag maniac. I don't have a tadpole hoarding problem, why would you assume that?

dracoon @ Flight Rising and a bunch of other sites. If you know me from either, chances are, you also know of the above already and have given up hope to stop me, anyway.

I'm singlehandedly decimating the shiny Poliwag population. You know this, I know this- and trust me, I'm proud of it.

3rd February, 2016- Hatched a shiny Novelty by sheer luck, first one of mine too! (Sh. Lunar Larvitar)

All Shiny Starters (7/24) [Current Hunt: Froakie!]
Shiny Poliwag x994

Sh. Talonflame (Sungrok)
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