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From: Netherlands
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    1,280/1,280 ~ 100%

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dialga1975's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, January 1st 2014 at 12:01 PM
I Have put my SHINY HEATRAN in the New Year Exchange and got SHINY SHAYMIN back

Finally a Shiny Ditto ,Egg Dex: Obtained 59 times from Mar 13/10 to Dec 30/12 Shiny Dex: Obtained 1 time on Dec 30/12
The Zinfandel Congregation of Galletas

Hi I'm From The Netherlands.

I'm dialga1975 from TPM #299, and I love Dialga's.
I joined here June 26th, 2009.

Please click kevin2000. eggs to he will click back when he is online
Thanks to the people who click his eggs to.

Shiny Specials
Shiny Fossil Anorith, Shiny Fossil Aerodactyl, Shiny Heatran, Shiny Dracowymsy, Shiny Zergoose, Shiny Crystal Steelix, Shiny Icy Horsea, Shiny Winter Vulpix, Shiny Festive Makuhita, Shiny Phione, Shiny Unown T, Shiny Octillerage, Shiny Bidofo, Shiny Winter Ninetales, Shiny Kyogre ,Shiny Squirtle Clone ,Shiny Zergoose
Shiny i found in Safari Zone
Ninetales ,Pelipper ,Rapidash ,Dracowymsy ,Mothim ,Shieldon ,Igglybuff ,Charmander ,Buneary ,Castform ,Plusle ,Nidoqueen ,Umbreon ,Mudkip ,Roserade ,Doduo ,Purugly ,Krookodile
,Basculin ,Omastar ,CrystalSteelix ,Zergoose ,Charizard ,Gyarados ,Weavile ,Cherubi ,
Chandelure ,Solrock ,Cherubi ,Kabutops ,Shedinja ,Remorage ,Bastiodon ,Scrafty ,Cloyster ,
Serperior ,Flygon ,Chandelure ,Cubone ,Banette ,Glaceon ,Zangoose ,Swalot ,Dratini ,Rufflet
I got 6 shiny's that Alex and Thomas breed
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