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Journal last updated: Monday, November 12th 2018 at 1:47 AM
Nuzlocke update:

I beat Giovanni that was the easiest battle I've had yet

I'm Denny and I'm sad, I love fullmetal alchemist
Adding others for social network, pls add me
Removing those who have achieved it so I can add others
My listography is /denny

In progress hunts:
~ Panpour
~ Mareep
~ Gulpin
~ Black magikarp
~ Exeggcute
~ Dracowymsy

Planned hunts:
~ Mienfoo
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Kanto Legend (Aug 22/17)
Johto Legend (Aug 28/17)
Hoenn Legend (Aug 28/17)
Sinnoh Legend (Aug 28/17)
Unova Legend (Aug 28/17)
Ruin Maniac (Oct 4/17)
An All Night Thing (Sep 22/17)
Speed Reader (Sep 22/17)
Dog Whisperer (Aug 8/13)
You've Got Crabs! (Jul 21/17)
Archaeologist (Dec 2/17)
Perfect 10 (Jul 9/18)

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