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Points: 424,777
Pass Orbs: 897

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Prize Points: 2
Ranking: 1,522
Joined: Sat. Jul. 18/09
Last seen: Sun. Feb. 23/20 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
Viewing user: craziestcatlady

  • Wild Pokmon

    Lv. 71: 6,079/10,000

  • No nickname
      —Alolan Diglett

    Lv. 35: 8,480/10,000

  • 747 Mareanie

    Lv. 20: 5,273/10,000

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    Lv. 19: 2,357/10,599

craziestcatlady's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, February 22nd 2020 at 7:17 AM

I Need to Get:
crabrawler x1
sandygast x1
salandit female x1
Rockruff x3
Fomantis x1
Yungoos x1
Grookey x2
Cutiefly x1
Pikipek x2
Grubbin x2
Sobble x2

Megas - Have stone already
Mewtwo x2 (X & Y)
Latias x1
Rayquaza x1
Latios x1
Kyogre x1
Groudon x1
Camerupt x1
Sharpedo x1
Gallade x1
Charizard x1 (X)

Shiny Eevee: 3/8
([x]Flareon, [x]Jolteon, []Vaporeon, []Umbreon, []Espeon, []Leafeon, [x]Glaceon, []Sylveon)

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