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chibitogepi's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, November 5th 2015 at 5:42 PM
Hi there, welcome to my lovely page. as you can see I love Togepi, it has been a favourite of mine since I first saw Misty's Togepi. Still need to get a shiny of this cutie but I will keep the non shinies. I only let them go if I feel they can do better in a new home. <3 Yes I finally have a mew egg!!!!!!! Holy cow two shinies and two level 100 legendaries in the shelter in one day?!

Nov 5th 2015: ugh I need a level 100 Venasaur to complete my quest.

August 6: I'm on my way

Oct 7: Please feed Fossil Kabuto the Pecha berry. I'm on my

Nov 3: If you wanna add, go ahead. ^^ I don't have internet at m y new place so i apologize in advance. I'm coming Mew!!! Less than 2000 interactions until I can move onto the tenth step.

Nov 6th: Almost done the ninth step and breeding Piplups so anyone who loves that cutie be on the look out. <3 Wahoo done the ninth step, hard stone where are you?

Nov 7: Oh come on, is no one going to release a Aerodactyl that isn't level one?! I need a level 15 or more to finish this quest....

Shiny Pokemon that represents friends are as follows:

Shiny charmander: Coolio
Shiny Eevee: lilumbrechan

Get 35 achievements: Check that.

Get 55 achievements: Got it!

Hatch all three Clone Pokemon-3/3

Hatch my Novelties and Rare eggs- Done

Hatch a shiny Pichu- Not done.

Hatch 30 Mudkip eggs. Check.

Hatch Corrupted Groudon egg. Done!

Hatch Entei egg and raise it- Done

Hatch Rayquaza egg. Done!

Hatch a Latias,Lugia, Kyogre and Mew egg- 1/4

Hatch Shiny Pokemon. Check!

Complete Exploration to get Celebi: Done! ^^

Evolve all of my Buneary- Not done.

Watching Gundam Wing all over again. x3
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