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Journal last updated: Thursday, February 18th 2010 at 2:07 AM
*Single clickers, click anything*

All clickers, thanks, I'll try to return them.
Part of the Clicking Caolition

Haha! This exchange thing is great! I can finally rid myself of that Darkrai and maybe get something nice this time!

Member of the Reptilian Overlords

My favorites: Scyther, Tyranitar, and Feraligatr. Basicly, I love lizards.
Please click my younger brothers, stumpy and emmie97!

Get/Evolve Totodile egg to Feraligatr
Get Amulet Coin
Evolve Pupitar egg into Tyranitar
Collect all reptilian pokemon

Crystal: Feraligatr(H), Scyther (X), Dragonite, Suicune, Tyranitar (H), Charizard (H)
Emerald: Typhlosion, Swampert, Flygon, Ninjask, Raichu, Tropius
Dream Team: Feraligatr(H), Scyther (X), Charizard (H), Kabutops(H), Tyranitar(H), Sceptile(H)

for new guys:
Aspears are sour.
Cheris are spicy.
Pechas are sweet.
Rawsts are bitter.
Chestos are dry.
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