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Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 9th 2009 at 6:33 PM
Please click my eggs/pokemon
If you do so i will return the favor
I will return your clicks if i see them before the list is reset

P.s. If i add you and you have NOOOO idea who i am it is beacuse you clicked most or all of my eggs

Thank you !!!!!

First hatch: 8/24/09- ledyba Female
~ Horsea male
~ Girafarig female
~ Stunky female
~ Absol Female
~ Aron female
~ Poochyena female
~ Pichu male
~ Starly male
~ Poliwag male
~ Qwilfish Female
~ Spiritomb male
~ Makuhita male
~ Bulbasaur---> Ivysaur male
~ Squirtle---> Wartortle male
~ Charmander---> Charmeleon male
~ Pidgey male
~ Riolu male
~ Meowth female
~ Sableye female
~ Vulpix ---> Ninetales male
~ Togepi male
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