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Journal last updated: Saturday, August 21st 2010 at 1:21 AM
Sup, yo.

If you click my party, I'll click yours by the end of the day. I'm not on all the time, so don't expect me to click right away.

4/15/10: Woah, saw both forms of Giratina in the Shelter, and I didn't bat an eye! For shame... I realized and went back, and managed to snag a Kyogre and Cresselia. Woot! They were even released by the same guy, wonder why...
4/16/10: Found a Rainbow Wing while clicking! I'll save it for later, I'm a bit paranoid I'll lose it. I'll just continue getting more Pokemon and get a Repel, just to be safe. Also reached critical mass, whatever that is. Also got a Missingno egg!
4/23/10: Got an Easter Buneary egg from the Shelter! Woot!
4/24/10: Hatched a shiny Riolu! My first shiny =3 Also snagged a Zergoose from the Shelter.
4/28/10: Got a Dracowymsy egg from the shelter
5/9/10: Must... get... 600 more clicks... to get to 10,000.... I missed the event Mewtwo egg >_<
5/10/10: Finally got to 10,000 total interactions, but not in time for the event Jirachi egg. Two more chances left... Also forgot, I think yesterday I took my Spearow out from the Pokewalker at over 9000 steps, so now he's lv. 100 and I have a scouter =3
5/14/10: Got another Missingno. Heheh.
5/19/10: Got a Slime Slugma egg from the Shelter.
6/3/10: OMG SHINY DRAGOWYMSY! On my true birthday no less =D Also got a Manaphy egg and a Deepseatooth at the same time... during math class.
8/20/10: Yay, got an Entei from the August event! My first event~ Oh, also got a Winter Vulpix from the Shelter earlier.
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