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Journal last updated: Thursday, March 11th 2010 at 7:42 PM
March 11, 2010 Happy Birthday to me this month! Happy March Birthdays !!

Hey everyone! Thank you very much for all the clicks, I appreciate it! Have a great day, hope you all get a real cool pokemon that you have been wanting!

I really need to get that Winter Vulpix egg and I have a Helix Fossil and a Skull Fossil so I can make them eggs and trade for the Winter Vulpix egg, if anyone is interested please message me. This will be tough because if you don't get it in the shelter I won't be able to get you another one but I am willing to trade the two for the one (winter vulpix) thanks!

Working on:
-Winter Vulpix (Growlygal and I are racing to see who can get her first!)
-Shiny Meganium

-lots of achievments
-Corporate GPX Plus (this may take awhile)(oh the pain, not shopping!

~About Me~

I am 47, female and yes, blonde. I learned about pokemon back when there really WERE pokemon wandering around the earth and.... ok not really. Anyway... having fun learning stuff and playing with my rl daughter Growlygal and she is lying on her journal, she DOES bite HARD (hehe) sorry dear j/k =P

Anyway I love reading, traveling,my wonderdog Sage and my turtle,Zen, and of course my adorable daughter Growlygal. I am a Registered Nurse. hmmm...what else? I consider myself an expert at hanging Christmas lights from the roof , simply because Growlygal was too much of a chicken to do it (HAH ...not really she had a good excuse) ok thats enough!!

Thank you for visiting my page and reading my journal! bye all ...have fun and good luck with all your hatching!

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