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Journal last updated: Friday, July 16th 2021 at 4:29 PM
One clickers: please click the first pokemon/egg.

Disclaimer: I apologize if I miss an egg or a pokemon, but I'm still only human and mistakes happen. If you click me back, I always make sure that I've clicked as many as I could.
Also, if it's foggy I'll only click eggs until it clears.

Time: Same as server ^_^ Because of that, any clicks between 10 PM and the server reset will most likely not be returned, unless I'm having insomnia...

Anything in the duplicates boxes will be released eventually.

12/24/09 - I finally got a Missing No. Egg! ^_^
2/21/2010- Got a Gracidea Flower and successfully summoned it!
3/1/2010- Got a second Missing No. egg... while at school!
3/6/2010- Finally got a Manaphy egg!
3/8/2010 - Got my first fossil, an old amber!
4/1/2010 - Is this a prank? Two Manaphy eggs within about 2.5 hours!

Hatch my first set of eggs
Get my personal favorites
Get all of the starters
Get all eevee evolutions (3/8 including eevee)
Get a ditto
Get a legendary (Phione)
Get a shiny (was Snover)

Get a full Pokedex (Probably not gonna happen)

Items that I need to get:
Amulet Coin
Destiny Knot
Lucky Egg
Wide Lens
Extra PC Box ( Have 6/15)

I only need to evolve my pokemon and get a ditto to have all non legendary or novelty pokemon!

Event eggs gotten: 4
Events participated in: 6

Started hatching eggs here on : 9/19/2009

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