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Ammolite's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, August 27th 2009 at 8:36 PM

I'm on a hiatus because of my school -- there is some sort of registration nonsense I have to take care of. The whole school was affected.

(Formerly dilophosaurusev)
My name is EV (ee-vee), but you can call me
Ammolite --
Google image search it. No really. You should.
I'm a twenty-one year old female from the "
Golden State." I'm currently back in college
so if I am ever unable to click back, that's likely why.

Sometimes I will "abandon" my Pokemon so that other people can have them. :)
& My Pokemon mostly have Chinese names because I am currently learning Mandarin.

Chyeah so, I'm a member of:

The League of Goodfellows
The Clicking Coalition
Every Berry Counts
The Flying Aces
... and darn proud of it.

Now, I know most people list their goals in their journals, but really, I haven't got any. I actually have achieved all the ones I had originally set out for. Now, either I aim low, or I am very successful! You decide.

P.S: Click my friends?
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