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Points: 404,430
Pass Orbs: 4,274

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Prize Points: 137
Ranking: 457
Joined: Mon. Jun. 18/12
Last seen: Mon. Feb. 24/20 (Mobile)
User group: Members
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      —Shadow Lugia

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adan15's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, August 1st 2014 at 11:30 PM
Hatch my first shiny [x]
Hatch a shiny legend [ ]
Hatch 5 shiny novelties 2/5 [ ]
Get creationist achievement [x]
Get The Social Network achievement [x]
Get 5 75+ streaks in the battle subway [1/5]

Shinies hatched
Shiny Scyther: November
Shiny Growlithe: November SWSH
Shiny Mienfoo: November SWSH
Shiny Girafarig: November SWSH
Shiny Gulpin: November
Shiny Klink: November
Shiny Charmander: December
Shiny Murkrow: December
Shiny Cranidos- Secret Santa (Gave Murkrow)
Shiny Mudkip: January
Shiny Zorua: January
Shiny Flaming Zorua: January
Shiny Mareep: January SWSH
Shiny Absol: January SWSH
Shiny Magikarp: February
Shiny Lapras: February
Shiny Chimchar: March
Shiny Larvitar: March SWSH
Shiny Finneon: March SWSH
shiny Litwick: March
Shiny Pichu: March
Shiny Axew: March
Shiny Ferroseed: March
Shiny Smoochum: April
Shiny Togepi: April
Shiny Cyndaquil: May SWSH
Shiny Abra: May SWSH
Shiny Aron: May SWSH
Shiny Totodile: May
Shiny Riolu: June
Shiny Horsea: June
Shiny Dunsparce: June
Shiny Trapinch: June
Shiny Eevee: June
Shiny Meditite: July
Shiny Litwick: July
Shiny Chikorita: July SWSH
Shiny Aerodactly: July SWSH
Shiny Caterpie: July SWSH
Shiny Burmy: August
Shiny Chimchar: August
Shiny Zergoose: August
Shiny Igglybuff: September
Shiny Cherubi: September
Shiny Bulbasaur: September SWSH
Shiny Bagon: September SWSH
Shiny Cleffa: September
Shiny Torkoal: October
Shiny Electrike: November
Shiny Feebas: November SWSH
Shiny Azurill: November SWSH
Shiny Eevee: November
Shiny Eevee : January (New Years Exchange)
Shiny Houndour: January SWSH
Shiny Deino : January SWSH
Shiny Tirtouga: February
Shiny Aipom: February
Shiny Eevee: March
Shiny Yanma: June
Shiny Archen: July
Shiny Zubat: July
Shiny Poochyena: July
Shiny Skrelp: August
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adan15's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Champion (Mar 1/13)
Johto Champion (Mar 15/13)
Hoenn Champion (Mar 20/13)
Sinnoh Champion (Mar 26/13)
Unova Legend (Mar 29/13)
Expert Commuter (Apr 14/13)
Corporate GPXPlus (Dec 24/12)
Social Network (Nov 29/12)
Master Clicker (Jul 18/12)
Feed a Country (Apr 5/13)
Creationist (Jan 2/13)
Can't Pass It Up (May 5/13)

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