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    Journal last updated: Sunday, March 18th 2018 at 6:58 PM
    I'm on FlightRising as Seijoh! Shoot me a PM!

    About Trinkets: I only keep Trinkets when less than 200 of them exist on site, otherwise I send them away to friends regardless of rarity.

    Currently Hunting:
    Sigilyph (SWSH)

    SWSH Pokemon I Need
    Swinub, Pichu, Relicanth, Porygon, Cherubi, Vulpix, Horsea, Snivy, Ponyta, Solosis, Grimer, Bronzor, Shinx, Lapras, Trapinch, Bidoof, Roggenrola, Girafarig, Growlithe, Absol, Finneon, Axew, Larvitar, Aron, Abra, Aerodactyl, Caterpie, Bagon, Feebas, Riolu, Azurill, Deino, Yanma, Barboach, Doduo, Beldum, Audino, Zubat, Blitzle, Archen, Amaura, Pumpkaboo, Tyrunt, Noibat, Duskull, Cubone, Buizel, Cleffa, Staryu, Togepi. Baltoy, Golett, Chimchar, Ekans, Hawlucha, Burmy, Poplio, Litten.

    Gastly, Ralts, Natu, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Spheal, Litwick, Charmander, Lotad, Fletchling, Eevee, Goomy, Squirtle, Furfrou, Buneary, Furfrou, Honedge, Espurr, Carbink, Zorua, Flabebe, Anorith, Flabebe, Mudkip, Houndour, Torchic, Magikarp, Klink, Chikorita, Treeko, Inkay, Gulpin, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Scatterbug, Chespin, Misdreavus, Mienfoo, Shuppet, Aipom, Fennekin, Drifloon, Rufflet, Froakie, Elekid, Lunatone, Rowlet, Kol, Oricorio [Sensu], Oricorio [Baile], Budew, Dedenne, Cutiefly

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