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Journal last updated: Friday, March 4th 2016 at 11:26 AM
Hey everyone!

Hey I'm Zumy! I started to play Pokemon 10 years ago..and my fav Gens are 2 and 4. Fav Champs are Cynthia and Steven, they're prob the hardest and coolest Champs~...hmm something about me, oh yeah I'm a big K-Pop and EDM Fan and I love dancing a lot.

completed Shiny hunts: 15
longest hunt: Sandile 494 eggs
shortest hunt: Trapinch 1 egg
Shinys from the Safari: 9
random Shinys I hatched: 5

Thats actually it...Thanks for reading and you can add me to your PadPal if you want!...have a nice day :3
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