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 Zion Crayson

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Zion Crayson's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, November 6th 2016 at 8:03 PM
Welcome to my area!

Current Breeding Couple: Past Mismagius/Future Shuppet
Current Side Shiny Hunt: Unknown

My Ultimate Goal: To collect and record every single Pokémon, including Eggs, Shinies, Alternate Forms, Alternate Sprites, and even possible differences between Males and Females!

Primary Goals/(Progress)/[Name]:
The Delta Pokésquad:
Poké Zion
Hypno Toad
Rat Trap
Lord Psyche

Secondary Goals:
Ditto (I would like to thank Yuzuru for dumping the first one. I got an egg logged in, though.)
Shinies (Check my Shiny Boxes)
Legendaries (Check the last Boxes for each region for them.)
Novelties (Check my Novelty Boxes.)

Don't forget that if you click on my eggs/Pokémon, I'll try to help yours out as well! I usually try to help out the ones with the lowest Maturity Level, but I also go for Legendary/Novelty Pokémon whenever I see them. Just be warned that I usually don't go after duplicates. Unless you're hunting for a Shiny, if I see Dupes, I will go after the lowest one ONLY. As for One-Clickers, please go for the Egg/Pokémon with the lowest Maturity. That helps a bit.
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