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Zergooseh's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, March 19th 2021 at 3:34 PM
Yo I'm Val. 27, she/they, and living in Maryland. Currently obsessed with gay cartoons.

. : Other Locations : .
Tumblr: ohheyyitsval
Instagram: ohheyyitsval
Twitter: @ohheyitsval

S t a t u s :Not doing anything

. : T a s k s a t H a n d : .

- Shiny Feebas
- Shiny Magikarp
- Shiny Zergoose!
- Shiny Clone Charizard... again.

. : C o m p l e t e d : .

Cresselia, Heatran, Groudon, Palkia : Legendarys -
Latias, Raikou, Mew, Manaphys, Darkrai, Zapdos, Lugia, Too Many.
Winter Vulpixs, Pokii, Fossil Cranidos : Novelties -
MissingNo.s, Easter Bunearys, Bidofo, Zergeese,
Crystal Onix, Shellderboy, Dracowymsy, Remorage
Valentacool, Fossil Shieldon, Fossil Relicanth, Slime Slugma, Too Many.

Wartortle, Gulpin/Swalot, Clone Charmander/Charizard : Shiny -

. : L o n g - t e r m M i s s i o n s : .

- Shadow Lugia
- Jirachi
- Shaymin
- Suicune / Entei
- Giratina
- Dialga / Primal Dialga
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