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Zalfor's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, September 17th 2009 at 9:44 AM

Note:I am now in school most of the day, so less clicky-clicky. But if I'm online, that means I'm online.

~{Official Member of the Clicking Coalition!}~

~{My Rules}~
1.If you feed/warm my Pokemon, I'll do the same to you on a 1-1 basis.
2.I'll ALWAYS feed/warm your Pokemon back as soon as I can. And I know the sour-spicy-dry-sweet-bitter cycle ;)
3.Pika pika!

Sept.7 - Hatched a Croagunk, an Electrike, a Snorunt, and a Shellos!
Sept.8 - Updated profile and hatched a Onix!
Sept.13 - Clicked the old man! XD

~{About Myself}~
I'm an old-school Pokemon player from back in the day when it first came to America/Canada(I'm a Canadian). I unfortunately gave up on it at about it's 5th year running and am now back to see what I've missed. Other than that, I'm 20, outgoing, and am taking Mechanical Engineering starting September 14th.

~{Pokemon Counter}~
Kanto - 6/151 - 4.50%
Johto - 2/92 - 2.20%
Hoenn - 10/135 - 7.50%
Sinnoh - 2/107 - 1.90%
Unown - 0/28 - 0%
Total: - 20/493 - 4.00%

-I'd love to recreate one of my teams on Red/Blue or Gold/Silver.
-Collect all items(1/15)
-Collect valuable items(2/?)
-Click at least 30 parties a day
-2 posts on the forums a day.

Thanks for reading and have fun!
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