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Journal last updated: Tuesday, May 27th 2014 at 11:21 PM
Hey, Im Zac11th and this is my journal.

Finish Hoenn Dex (3 very rares left)
Just enjoy hunting shinys <3 (Daily Shiny Record: 5 (2013-7-15))
Finish Johto Dex (2 very rares left) (Unknown excluded)
Obtain all Unknowns (12 left)
I hatched a pokemon with a flame orb, and it was holding a flame orb XD

I got a Bidofo on a "fill all party" XD

That awkward moment when you hatch an egg and you see extra text and get excited because you think you finished your shiny hunt and it turns out your dumb egg was just holding an item >_< #WHY

When I die, I want my gravestone to say "I may be dead, but hey, atleast I'm not french" XD

SWSH are my fave even tho im super unlucky x3 (Hmmmmmm Lady Luck shines on me this hunt XD)

I cant believe that my level 100, shiny espeon only got 3rd place in the pokehunt >_> It only had 60 IV's buuuut SHIINYYYY D:

Slowpoke Black Market Chronicle

2013-7-9: I just bought a slowpoke tail for 200,000 points... I wonder what I can do with this?
2013-7-10: Bought another... weird... Never seen the dude in my life and BAM he comes to me twice in 2 days... I know this is illegal but I cant stop buying them. They MUST be good for something...
2013-7-26: I thought Id seen the last of the shady salesmen, but one day on my way home from work, he pulled me aside and offered me another tail. I of course accepted his offer. I still dont know what to do with these tails but I know they are illegal... In fact, as soon as he disappeared I saw another shadow dart out of sight. I need to be careful from this point on.
2013-8-5: The government is on to me! This last sale went down dirty. Not only did it take 4 days to get the salesmen's money, but the whole operation went down bad. I just barely got away, im now in hiding.
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All Geared Up (Jul 5/13)
Bounty Hunter (Jul 15/13)
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Master Summoner (Mar 3/13)

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