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Journal last updated: Thursday, October 1st 2020 at 6:54 PM
Hey gamers my name is Mike.
I like Shaymin alot.
You can see my favorite pokemon I have in my pc!

Berry Feeder pro tip: you can sort what pokemon show up in berry feeder by clicking the "pokemon and eggs" tab and selecting any of the options.

on bad days ill only really have the energy to click eggs and explores. sorry.
unless im providing alot of eggs for a hunt that doesnt have alot of breeders as is, you can ask me if id be willing to help breed eggs for your own hunt if they have compatible egg groups!


SN 33/75
If you need SN help you can PM me and ill add you if i have space! i'd appreciate an addback too, if you have the space. I reserve palpad space for users who need SN :)

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