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Journal last updated: Monday, October 24th 2011 at 10:04 PM
Dunda Stryke level 100 [x] - 12:13 AM on 12/11/09
Shiny Starmie [ ]
Shiny Azurill [ ]
Shiny Charizard [ ]
Legendary [x]
Novelty [x] - MissingNo obtained at 5:09 PM on 12/10/09
Dex Completion [ ]
- Egg [ ]
- Poke [ ]

Part of the 1/6 League - We always click full party!
Part of the Berry Smart group.

*Berry Guide:
*Sour - Aspear Berry (Yellow) Natures: Lax, Relaxed, Bold, Impish
*Spicy - Cheri Berry (Red) Natures: Adamant, Lonely, Naughty, Brave
*Dry - Chesto Berry (Blue) Natures: Mild, Modest, Quiet, Rash
*Sweet - Pecha Berry (Pink) Natures: Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Naive
*Bitter - Rawst Berry (Green) Natures: Calm, Gentle, Careful, Sassy
*Any Berry-Docile, Bashful, Quirky, Hardy, Serious

(Stole this from kindness)

10/10/09 Found Missingno in Shelter.
12/20/09 Recieved Winter Vulpix from event.
12/25/09 Recieved Clone Charmander in return for Missingno in Secret Santa.
01/05/10 Recieved Easter Bunneary from Jasonna <3
01/24/10 Finally bought a Silph Scope :)
01/25/10 Old Man! WOOS FOR MISSINGNO!
02/04/10 Old Man again! another missingno :P
02/14/10 Recieved Valentacool egg from event.
03/12/10 Recieved Rayquaza from event.
07/10/10 Recieved Slime Slugma egg from shelter.
07/11/10 Recieved Palkia egg from Orb.
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