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 Silver Yoshi

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Journal last updated: Monday, August 8th 2016 at 11:12 PM
One of the first 50 to complete A Journey Through Space and Time

Alright soldiers heres the scoop, im gonna leave this account as it is for the most part. I don't use GPX anymore, and might come back to it again in the distant future, as I did recently, however, I doubt I will be back anytime soon. I will set up my Party to be Pokemon that mean alot to mean or some shit like that. If anyone wishes to stay in touch with me, which I doubt there is any of you, regardless, contact me on my Steam. Post on my profile you're from GPX, and I will know. My custom URL on Steam is SilverYoshiii, since I cant post links.

The Shiny Mew reperesents my first Shiny Legendary, my second Mew, and my love for someone named Jackie.
The Shiny Magikarp represents one of my favorite pokemon, because of how useless it is,except for Gyrados.
The Shiny Umbreon represents one of my favorite anime, RWBY. Check its description.
The Shiny Sylveon represents my favorite pokemon. I love Sylveon. I cant explain why, I just don't know.
The Shiny Dragonair represents intu, and I needed a 6th pokemon xD
And the Manaphy represents my favorite Legendary Pokemon.
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