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    Yonoir's Profile

    Journal last updated: Thursday, February 17th 2011 at 12:49 PM
    Y O N O W A A R U

    I might miss one of your mons due to tabclicking.

    [Daily Comments?!]

    2/17/10: All the new Unova eggs are sucking me back in so expect clicks back~

    [Vague Goal of the Now]

    Shinies. Sinnoh dex.

    [Clickbacks~] (PST, -3 hours from server)
    I click everyone back regardless of click numbers. I usually feed the center berry because it's faster. Since the lag seems to be back in check, I can go back to mass-clicking.

    Also, I'm always shown as logged on. I'll get to you either instantly if I'm around or before reset if I'm AFK.

    Fun fact: Around 1/3rd of the people who I click in one day don't click back.

    [Shiny Huntan]
    Cacnea: 275 eggs hatched.
    Treecko: 45 eggs hatched.
    Gulpin: 129 eggs hatched.
    Snorunt: 18 eggs hatched.
    And a bunch of random species.

    Pokii x Ditto

    o Age: 19
    o Gender: Female
    o Favorite Color: Green
    o Interests?!: Drawing, roleplaying, poking internet lolcows, monsters and folklore, biology (esp. insects/invertebrates), vidya gaems, clickan gaems, animu & mango.
    o Favorite Pokemon: Dusknoir. <3 Also getting more fond of the Gulpin line lately.
    o Favorite Legendary: Darkrai. <3
    o AIM: Verlorensaga
    o Steam: Vsaga (so creative)
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