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 Yellow Bunny

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Journal last updated: Sunday, December 18th 2011 at 1:16 AM
2010 02 07: OMG a got a pokii??
2010 02 08: Huh. Logged in and saw the little man. cool. And then I hatched it in the same day? AND got a female eevee as my first? O.O
2010 02 14: Happy Valentine's day! Have another missingno!
2010 06 22: wow, long time no post. Pokii finally hatched, threw him in with buneary. Also got lucky enough to grab two SS eggs? O_o
2010 11 29: Hatched zergoose, SS, and DW. Grabbed two more DW, let's build up the army 8D
2011 05 08: omg I just dropped TWO easter buneary eggs =D blessya heart sweets
2011 05 11: OMG black treasure chest corruption orb =D
2011 08 29: treasure chest with silver wing :D
2011 08 31: Shadow lugia <3
2011 10 12: -has a heart attack- DITTO EGG
2011 12 18: Quitting GPX. I really need to get a life, so I'm out.
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