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 Yasei Ayame

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Journal last updated: Monday, August 16th 2010 at 2:35 AM
Welcome to Yasei`s mad World!

after a ...months without being here i return and everything is so different! XD im gonna have fun trying to discover again this place
as you see my name is Yasei and i ALWAYS return full-party clicks!
however im NOT gonna click level 100 pokemons, becouse they cant grow more than that and my pc is really slow , also i can click eggs ready to hatch

One clickers ------ > please the LINOONE!! (i really would like a wartortle clone)


16/08/2010 - nOn got a bulbasour clone!
14/08/2010 - Squirtle finally evolved in Wartortle Clone!
14/08/2010- OMG finally i get a Girafarig! im staring to love the Zafari Zone
14/08/2010- another YEY i got a Tauros EGG! (And a Staryu who i already evolve in Starmie X3)
13/08/2010 - YEY! a Squirtle Clone in the Safari Zone!

Working on !

Dragonair (x)
Dragonair to lvl 100 (º)
Tauros (x)
Tauros to lvl 100
Girafarig (x)
Girafarig to level 100
Shinny Girafarig

To level 100
Raichu (º) working on
Rapidash (º) working on it
Wartortle Clone
Charizard (º) working on it
Thyploson (º) working on it
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