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Journal last updated: Thursday, December 2nd 2010 at 4:26 AM
~::The Gentle Sheep::~

My internet at home frequently gives out on me, and so click backs will not be returned as fast as I can. If at all. Sometimes it just refuses to work.

I try to click full parties, but often times I get lazy and don't want to hunt down Pokemon that are actually in a person's party. Sorreh guys.
I don't care how many of my pokemon you click, I'm going to click back, hopefully full party. Since I switch tabs pretty fast I sometimes miss a pokemon/egg or two, sorry 'bout that. I frequently click the section of people who still have pokemon I can interact with, though.

Current Mission: Nothing, really.

I am about 3hrs behind server time. :3

Will remove these when I've at least obtained an egg for the desired Pokemon.

[ ] Get all Starters
[ ] Obtain Silph Scope. >:
[/] Get all Eeevolutions, and Eevee (2/8)
[ ] Somehow manage to get a Ditto...
[ ] SOMEHOW get a Mew...

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