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Journal last updated: Tuesday, December 21st 2010 at 11:31 PM
Hello, Fellow GPX Users and Players!
My name is Xythus, and I used to play before but left because of college and work and am back for the time being. :)
Anyway, I REPAY ALL CLICKS. I will also sometimes do more clicking than you did back.
So if you click back after I helped you, it is very appreciated.

Yes, I am the Xythus on Dragcave. :) If you know me from DC then add me!

MEGA UPDATE: (10:26pm Dec. 21) DO NOT CLICK MY POKEMON, only because I CANNOT return your clicks. Not only is my computer slow, its moving at the pace of a retarded snail. In otherwords, it loads a page every 5 minutes. Once I get back to my godly college internet, I can repay all clicks. If you had clicked me, PLEASE PM me so that I can repay you later! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience =/

Also...I LOLZ @ ONE CLICKERS. I WILL ignore you ;D

I'm a Sophmore in college who likes to come onto GPX and play whenever I have time,
which isnt too often unless its around the holidays/breaks. If you have clicked for me
one day and I never got back to you, that means I never logged on, so I'm sorry.
Depending on HW, I can be on all day, or I won't come on at all.

All PMs are open to any questions or requests, not like I will have anything worth
something that everyone will want. Please don't ask me to drop anything, or you'll be

Friend me! :)
If you friend me and I do log on, I will go through my friends list to click their party first.
Anyone can request, but all I ask is that if you do, please try to click back too. I don't
like one clickers...

Have a great day!!

PS: If I dont click back, then most likely I did not see your interaction as I logged off or logged on. But I DO take my time to repay all clicks when I can!
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