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Journal last updated: Monday, July 17th 2017 at 9:35 PM
Absentia's Poke Lab

It was an immense laboratory, filled with electrical instruments. A thousand jars of chemicals were ranged against the walls. A circle of kerosene lamps was smoking viciously on an empty brick forge. Their chimneys were the essence of blackness. There was no disagreeable smell, for the smoke was borne off by the drought of the forge. An open rack loaded with jars of vitriol stood in the middle of the room, and the rays of the sun struck through them, flecking the floor with green patches. The western end of the room was occupied by several cages and tanks, and from the darkness beyond stepped a young woman, an over-sized lab coat hanging from her slender frame, revealing just a hint of a black form fitting t-shirt emblazoned with a large red letter R.
Pushing her long, dark, navy blue hair from her face, she turned her gaze towards you and smiled. The smile was empty, more grimace than greeting, and though you registered with shock that her eyes were a milky bluish white, her vision in no way seemed impaired as they focused unwaveringly upon your own. "Welcome", she murmured, barely audible above the beeps and clicks coming from the machinery in the background. As she turned to walk back into the recess of the lab, you hear a faint but firm, "Don't touch anything."

Currently Researching

Shiny Absol [SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!]
Shiny Dunsparce [x] YAY!

Shiny Eevee [2/8]
Shiny Jolteon []
Shiny Flareon [x]
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Shiny Umbreon []
Shiny Espeon []
Shiny Leafeon []
Shiny Glaceon []

Mew []
Shiny Mew []
Shiny Rayquaza []
Shiny Giratina []
Shadow Lugia [x]

Shiny Zoura []
Shiny Zoroark []
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