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Journal last updated: Monday, February 29th 2016 at 5:17 AM
=I Pal-Pad click=

=Current Events=
Sept. 27 2015- I have returned, and I ship Yuimari
Oct. 2 2015- Hatched double shinies (Axew & Pumpkaboo) unintentionally.
Nov 1 2015- Lost world first completion on Terminus Cave to a bug, RIP in Rest

Looking for: Shiny Dratini/Farfetch'd (Mari), Blaziken (Asuka), Metagross (Kyoko), Gardevoir (Rei), Amaura (Yui), hardmode Celebi and Lugia

Darwinist: Evolve 125 Pokemon in one day
Pokemon gathered: (0/125)
Materials gathered: (21/125)
Notes: Materials first, then pokemon
Material List: Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone (x2), Moon Stone (x5), Shiny Stone (x2), Sun Stone (x5), Water Stone (x2), Potato Battery, Dreidel


Current Goals: More Shiny Pokiis!
Shiny EVA girls
Complete Pokedex


Ode to Pokii

I wanted a demonic pinecone
But what I got instead
Was a Latias and a random egg
Sitting atop my head
A fuzzy little Pokii
Is what I had in mind
But instead I keep refreshing
And I think I'm going blind
I found a little fuzzball
But then it got away
And somehow I then found
A little Tiny Egg
I swear it's a conspiracy
A nasty little plot
'cause everywhere I try to look
Is where the Pokii's not.

Pokii get! Thanks, everyone!
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