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 Wyvern Dreams

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Journal last updated: Saturday, June 30th 2012 at 1:33 PM
Social Network
If you'd like help with Social Network, message me and I'll add you to my Pal Pad. I'll remove you from my list when you get the achievement, or if you haven't been online in several months. Please don't take it personally. I just want to help out as many people as I can. :)

Any and all clicks are greatly appreciated.
I click full party, multiple times throughout the day for whoever has interacted with me. I click Exploration pokemon first, then go back and click the rest of your party. I won't click pokemon when there's fog, but I'll try to get back to them once the weather changes.

I'm looking for trinkets that aren't available to the Malachite affinity. I deny offers if they're of something I already have, or of something I can get myself with my affinity.
Please give me 24 hours to think about your offer before I get back to you; if you haven't heard from me immediately, it means I'm still considering your offer, which is a good thing, I promise. :)

Pal Pad
If you add me to your Pal Pad, I'll make sure that I click your eggs/pokemon whenever I'm online.
I treat the Users Who Have Added Me list as an extended Pal Pad.

Aspear (yellow) - sour
Cheri (red) - spicy
Chesto (purple) - dry
Pecha (peach) - sweet
Rawst (blue) - bitter

-Hatching Insanity: Pichu
-Shiny Klink

Things of Note (for me, at least):
Treasure Chests - 8
Little Man - 11
Joined July 27/09, hatched 1st egg (Chikorita "Lily") July 30/09 (Whoa, I've been here almost three years?!)
Aug 9/11: got GPXPlus's first Shiny Tornadus :D
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