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  • Mr. Magmar

    Lv. 100

  • Vanity
      —Shiny Absol

    Lv. 100

  • Ryoga
      —Shiny Mightyena

    Lv. 100

  • Kagami
      —Shiny Charizard

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  • Trace
      —Shiny Zoroark

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  • Rose
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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 5th 2011 at 4:02 PM

Click my friends YuraKyoYoko and Ippikiookami because they are neat.

Like sprites and artwork? Visit my thread: WORENX used SKETCH!


12,770 Interactions - January 7th, 2011. I AM THE MASTER CLICKER!


My Rules of Interaction

1) I will always click/click-back your full party...
2) ...and anything new if I feel like it.
3) I will usually feed the correct berry...
4) ...unless I'm mass-clicking.
5) Highlighted members of my team take priority. Please at least click them.
6) One-clickers, please click the first slot.


Team Listing

Mr. Magmar - Team Mascot - Bitter Rawst Berry
Vanity - The Flirt - Sweet Pecha Berry
Ryoga - The Lost Boy - Dry Chesto Berry
Kagami - Ball and Chain - Sweet Pecha Berry
Trace - Shameless Trickster -Dry Chesto Berry
Rose - Heartthrob - Dry Chesto Berry


7/5/11: No More

I ain't whining, but GPX just hasn't been the same to me, and became way more than a fun time-waster. Now you actually have to work and work hard to get anything here. I'm all for a bit of elbow grease, but 20,000 interactions in an exploration? Hatching 250 eggs in one day? I mean, c'mon. At least give the casual players a chance. This became way more about the hardcore elitists than the Average Joe. It's just becoming too much of a chore these days, and not a meaningless hobby. I don't wanna work for my downtime anymore, so yeah. I'm not 'quitting', more like taking an extended break.

Feed mah babies. :D I might click back. (Probably not.)
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