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 Wolfy Wolf

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Journal last updated: Friday, October 22nd 2010 at 8:01 PM
Back from vacation! Yeeeeah! >:D Still kinda busy with school and stuff, though

ADD ME INTO YOUR PALPAD, AND I'LL CLICK YOUR PARTY EVERYDAY! I don't normally click back anymore...(blame my laziness) but I DO click pal pad friends!

||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

Hi! Click on my eggs/pokemon and I'll click yours =D

Great goals on this website:

[x] Get a Novelty

[x] Get a legendary from an event (Got a Zapdos on September 10th 2009)

[x] Get a lab legendary

[x] Get a treasure chest (Gold chest wih a Lunar Wing inside, got Cresselia)

[x] Get Rayquaza. YES!!! FINALLY GOT ONE! July 12th, 2010!

[Waiting for it...] Get Darkrai.

[In progress...] Get all Account Upgrades

[x] Give 10,000 helpful interactions to people (Finished on October 10th 2009)

[x] Give 20,000 helpful interactions to people (Finished on June 28th 2010)

[Will do later] Get all Starters

[In progress...] Get all eeveelutions

[In progress...] Get a random shiny

[In progress...] Get more friends who connect daily and click back. I'll add you if I see you click me often or if you add me.

[x] Get Zerxer to click me (YES! DONE ON JANUARY 3rd, 2010!)

Oh, and be sure to pay a visit to my pal pad friends! They always click back
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