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Journal last updated: Saturday, September 3rd 2016 at 7:17 PM
I'm Wingcap. I play Runescape and do other stuff.
If you want a game to play, try RuneScape - either the modern game (RS3) or the oldschool reboot(OSRS).

I joined on May 5th, 2010. Cycloneblaze is my bro.

I should probably be more active on GPX+, but at least I always keep a tab open. Feel free to add me and what not.

[X] Become a Sinnoh Champion.
[X] Become a Sinnoh Legend.
[X] Become a Sinnoh Master.
[1/3] Get 'That Everlasting Flame!!'
[] Describe everything.
Shinies: things

First shiny Mega Camerupt onsite

"Ok guys, it's ready!"
The Champion stood back, his team beside him. They'd just finished putting the finishing touches on a massive Pokemon reserve just off of Route 214, near his home in Veilstone City.
"Thanks for helping me with this - I wouldn't have been able to make such an expansive collection of Pokemon habitats for all my Pokemon without your help."
"And a load of money," said Sky Saber, his Gliscor.
"Haha! Yes!"
A large pile of Pokeballs lay beside the seven of them. Over the course of the next hour or so, The Champion, Lancelot the Blaziken, Sky Saber the Gliscor, Myth the Flygon, Sho the Raichu, Togeplane the Togekiss and Palkia, all went back and forth, releasing all of the Champion's Pokemon all around the reserve. Everyone had a lot of fun looking around and exploring, and they all told the Champion that it was perfect.
"Better than keeping you all stuffed up in boxes or pokeballs all the time. I'm happy to have a place for you all to live while you aren't with me! Now, who's for food?"

Seeing the heads of so many pokemon turn at once, the Champion almost regretted his suggestion...
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Sinnoh Champion (Feb 5/15)
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Office Wars (Jul 12/14)
Lucky Day (Apr 14/13)
Master Clicker (Aug 7/12)
Master Hatcher (Apr 11/15)
Master Breeder (Feb 8/13)
Master Trainer (May 17/14)
Master Feeder (Apr 5/15)
Master Summoner (May 24/16)
Finish What You Started (Mar 1/15)

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