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 Windmill Key

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Windmill Key's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, April 7th 2016 at 1:19 PM

---------------- keeping all this old 2011 stuff for giggles... seriously holy wow
||Windmill, windmill...||

[Notable News]
Hey guys. I'm done, I think. The focus is now on my webcomics and hockey - no time to be clicking. Thank you all <3

--<3RIP, Auntie, Minette & Minou--<33

June 22 - 10k || Aug 12 - 20k ||Oct 03 - 30k || Dec 11 - 40k || Feb 19 50k interactions~


[About Me]
Role playing, hockey, drawing = <3333333333333333
I also like to plot storyboards that will never see the light of day.
Oh. And webcomics are love too.
Okay. I'm bored now. You're still reading?...


[Stalk me? o___O]
Vickster2k10 or Frey of the Arcane @ GaiaOnline
Frey @ Daeluin
Captain Ghost @ SmackJeeves
Frey-ofthe-Arcane @ DeviantArt

.... I hope you have a nice day : D
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