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Journal last updated: Monday, December 24th 2018 at 11:07 PM
does anyone read these anymore?
SS 2018: Shiny Zygarde cell
Ferroseed Bold/Relaxed IV>120
Axew Adamant IV>120
Sawk Adament IV>120
Secret Santa 2011 gift: Regigigas
New Years 2014: Articuno
Gold: Jigglypuff Chinchou Typhlosion Umbreon Machoke Crobat
Silver: Ampharos Quagsire Typhlosion Hypno Tauros Snorelax Murkrow Noctowl
Crystal: Typhlosion Electabuzz Gyrados Victreebel Pidgeot Dragonair
Ruby: Sceptile Electrode Mightyena Breloom Groudon Walrein
Emerald: Armaldo Swampert Hariyama
LeafGreen: Blastoise Nidoqueen Golem Pidgeot
Diamond: Empoleon Roserade Garachomp Staraptor Tyranitar
Platinum: Infernape
SoulSilver: Faraligatr Mamoswine Togekiss Nidoking Snorelax Dragonite
Black: Samurott Excadrill Darmanitan Unfezant Galvantula
Black 2: Emboar Magnezone Swanna Zoroark Krookodile Chandelure
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