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Journal last updated: Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 8:14 PM
3/12: random shiny Ralts hatched
3/18: shiny Electrike hatched egg #58
3/24: shiny Absol hatched egg #55
3/31: random shiny Smeargle hatched
4/23: shiny Mudkip hatched egg #139
5/9: random shiny Bidoof hatched
1/22: shiny Swablu hatched egg #258
2/10: random shiny Torchic hatched

Possible future hunts:
Bagon, Charmander, Lapras, Poochyena, Riolu, Rockruff, Zangoose

Note to self:
-Collect carbink x4 (Merrick, Bort, Allotrope, Dace)
-Electrizer x2
-Summer swinub, winter vulpix
-Royal flush, Other Professor Juniper
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Playing Hard to Get (Apr 16/18)
Safari Warden (Apr 14/18)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Dec 21/18)
Shiny Hunter (Apr 22/18)
Great Success! (Mar 18/18)
Bounty Hunter (May 21/19)
Runner-Up (Feb 2/19)
Expert Collector (Mar 31/19)

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