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    Journal last updated: Saturday, April 27th 2019 at 2:30 PM
    Judges the nicknames given to my released/donated pokemon #wulfpride

    310/995 (31%) shinies
    and yes,
    The moment I hatch/grab them , I place them in a box to rot for a while. You play your way and I'll play mine.

    I rarely see the value in extra legends/novelties so I tend to mass release once all my boxes are full please refrain from begging them to be released sooner.

    I always wait 50-59 minutes before releasing eggs, you're welcome.

    Hjiop My dog wrote this so here it stays

    Adult player here! Feel free to add me to pal pad! I click hourly back, Just please no random PM or DS/3DS FC requests. Casual player not seeking to be in competition but just hatching eggs and shiny hunting!

    I'll put something here eventually
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