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Journal last updated: Monday, August 8th 2011 at 1:34 PM
Add me to your pal pad and I'll try to click every day. <3
Feel free to PM me about anything!

Shortest hunt: Cherubi - 23 eggs
Longest hunt: Eevee - 714 eggs (incomplete)

25 April: Hatched a Shiny Mankey!
30 May: Hatched a Shiny Happiny!
2 June: Made it to 4th place overall for Proper Berry clicks!
7 August: Hatched a Shiny Vulpix!
4 September: Adopted a Cypress-bred Mew egg from the shelter!
23 September: Caught Grizzly's bandropped Shiny Pinsir!
26 September: Hatched a Shiny Gulpin!
1 October: Hatched a Shiny Zangoose!
16 October: Hatched a Shiny Shinx!
29 October: Hatched a Shiny Horsea! [3253]
30 October: Hatched a Shiny Togepi! [3286]
14 November: Hatched a Shiny Ponyta! [3539]
1 December: Hatched a Shiny Cubchoo! [3633]
6 December: Hatched a Shiny Snorunt! [3725]

1 January: Hatched a Shiny Drifloon! [3942]
17 January: Hatched a Shiny Relicanth for the site hunt! [4234]
18 March: Made it to 7th place overall for Most Interactions in a Day!
1 May: Hatched a Shiny Ralts! [5239]
6 May: Hatched a Shiny Latios!!! [5265]
22 May: Hatched a Shiny Porygon for the site hunt! [5445]
28 May: Caught a bandropped Shiny Lucario!
19 July: Hatched a Shiny Cherubi for the site hunt! [6210]

Sigilyph, Munna, Shellder, Beldum, Slugma, Solosis, Blitzle, Corsola, Duskull, Miltank, Zorua, Kabuto, Larvesta, Magnemite, Solrock, Hoppip
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