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Journal last updated: Wednesday, June 23rd 2010 at 8:02 AM
To all clickers, click my top most egg, and i will click the amount of your eggs, according to the amount you clicked of mine; ex:1 click of mine, i click one of yours, you click all 6 of mine, but you only have four pokemon/eggs, i will click all 4 still, click 5, i will click 3(this is still if you have four ) and so on.

Currently, I am just trying to get new species of pokemon, but I have made a list of some I really want:
[X]Get a novelty(Hurray for easter bunearies xD)
[0]Get a Shiny Pidgey(my favorite shiny)
[X]Get a Spiritomb
[0]Get 5 Legendary pokemon
[0]Get a Zergoose
[0]Get all starters(all forms at once, one for each evolution)
[X]Get a Riolu
[0]Get 10 different types of novelties (Evolutions don't count)
[0]Find a Giratina egg in shelter(ya, like that's going to happen xD)
[0]Find a total of 3 shinies
[X]Get a Dracowymsy(I GOT TWO EGGS IN ONE DAY!!! WHOO HOO)
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1,280 = 25 interactions.
2,560 = 65 interactions.
3,840 = 97 interactions.
5,120 = 101 interactions.
6,400 = 125 interactions.
7,680 = 193 interactions.
8,960 = 180 interactions.
10,240 = 202 interactions.
20,480 =488 interactions.
30,720 = 760 interactions.
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