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 Valiant Valkyrie

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Points: 527,253
Pass Orbs: 2,421

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Prize Points: 373
Ranking: 2,154
Joined: Thu. Jun. 25/15
Last seen: Mon. Jul. 13/20 (Desktop)
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From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 at 12:29 PM
    Howdy! I'm Valkyrie. If you happen to be looking for the SN achievement, send a PM my way and I'll add you~ It would be appreciated if you could message me when you did get the achievement though, that way I could make room on my pal pad for other people that need it.

    Current Shiny Hunts:
    - Eevee (always eevee....)
    - drampa - breeding
    Planned Shiny Hunts:
    pm me if you ever want to do a race for any of these!!

    -- draco: bagon | axew | noibat
    -- dread: (tbd) | purrloin
    -- fist: riolu | meinfoo | pancham | (tbd)
    -- icicle: alolan vulpix | cubchoo | amaura | (tbd)
    -- insect" wurmple | volbeat | illumise | grubbin
    -- iron: (tbd)
    -- mind: spoink | beldam | solosis
    -- pixie: togepi | snubbull | spritzee | ralts
    -- sky: taillow | swablu | pikipek | starly
    -- spooky: (tbd)
    -- stone: roggenrola | (tbd)

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    Kanto Legend (Jan 1/16)
    Johto Legend (Dec 10/16)
    Hoenn Legend (Dec 30/16)
    Sinnoh Legend (Jan 7/17)
    Unova Legend (Mar 10/17)
    Godsend (Jan 12/18)
    Unova Master (Dec 17/16)
    An All Night Thing (Mar 13/17)
    That Everlasting Flame!! (May 21/19)
    Social Network (May 4/17)

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