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Joined: Thu. May. 7/09
Last seen: Sun. Oct. 25/20 (Mobile)
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From: Russia
Viewing user: Uragiri

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Journal last updated: Thursday, March 25th 2010 at 4:38 AM
If you really love eggs, look the anime "Shugo Chara!". It's fantastic! *___*"

If you clicked all my pokemon, I'll click all your's back ^_^. You are good users! ^^ But, you click 1-4 egg/pokemon(if my party full), i don't click you! Also you bad user! T_T

28.05.09 First MisingNo egg! %)
08.09.09 WOW! Shiny Wynaut! *_* My dream...
19.09.09 First Easter Buneary egg in Shelter! *_*
24.09.09 Zergoose egg in Shelter! ^_____^
25.09.09 Bidofo egg in Shelter. How I can? o_o
02.10.09 Regirock egg in Shelter! O_O
04.10.09 Mesprit and Charmader clone eggs in Shelter! o___O And evening... Bulbasaur clone egg in Shelter o_O... Happy Day! ^________^
07.10.09 Slime Slugma egg in Shelter ^_^
10.10.09 I'm crazy, but Registeel egg in Shelter! .___.
02.11.09 Crystal Onix egg in Shelter! *_*
11.11.09 Missed Giratina, Turtle and evil fish eggs in Shelter... Record... V_V
24.11.09 Suicune egg in event! *___* Second event egg...
04.12.09 Evil Fish egg in Shelter! *,...,* Second happy day?.. o_O Squirtle clone egg in Shelter o_O

Started: 07.05.09
First Shiny - Taillow (23.06)
Old Man - Seen 8: Clicked 6
Manaphy - Seen 5: Clicked 5
Chests - Seen 9: Clicked 8
First Pokemon - Skitty
First Novelty - MissingNo (Shelter - bunny)
First Shelter Legendary - Regirock
First Lab Legendary - Cresselia
First Event - Mew(21.07)
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