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 Unnoticeable Kohai

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Points: 1,017,428
Pass Orbs: 75

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Prize Points: 282
Ranking: 191
Joined: Fri. Aug. 7/09
Last seen: Sun. Jun. 16/19 (Mobile)
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From: Canada
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  • Wild Pokmon

    Lv. 54: 11,915/12,500

  • Unhatched
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    3,640/5,120 ~ 71%

    Egg phase: 4/6
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    Interactions: 30
  • Unhatched
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    3,667/5,120 ~ 71%

    Egg phase: 4/6
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    Interactions: 29
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    3,975/5,120 ~ 77%

    Egg phase: 4/6
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    Interactions: 29
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    2,896/5,120 ~ 56%

    Egg phase: 3/6
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    Interactions: 22
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    4,392/5,120 ~ 85%

    Egg phase: 5/6
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    Interactions: 32

Unnoticeable Kohai's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, June 15th 2019 at 2:38 PM
| Casey/CJ | she | ace | Revised Ranger 10 (Hunter Conclave) |

You are filled with positive energy. And negative energy too. And neutral energy. That's just how atoms work.

About Me :
Working a big girl job in the "real world", being trash at Site Scavenger Hunts, roleplaying on Gaia Online, and playing a Fire Emblem based DnD every Sunday (usually) (I play a Taguel ranger who is the apprentice of our tailoring rogue). If you give me trinkets, I tend to repay the favor by sending you as many SkyGifts as possible, or I give duplicates of rarity 8-10 trinkets that I have. I tend to click PalPad adds daily, and when I'm on my computer, Pokerus and Bred Pokemon as well. I'll sometimes go into the users online pool if I need interactions, but adding me is the best way for me to click you.

Currently Nuzlocking: Ultra Moon
Pennywise - Primarina
Resuort - Arbok
Gross - Chargabug
Kikiriki - Fearow
Graphite - Carbink
Milton - Lillipup

Need a friend for Social Network? Want a trinket-trading buddy? Novelty breeder needed? Message me, and I'd love to add you!
I have cookie issues with going between the forum site to check messages and here. So if you do message me, I may not always respond (or read it right away), but if you do message me for SN, I will add you.
I have contributed the Pride Flag Trinkets to GPX+.

Starmie: You Tried
Primeape: Al Gore
Unofficially Shiny Hunting: Trapinch x3

A Shiny Fossil Novelty
A Shiny Legendary
2020: Hunt Only Shiny Eeveelutions
Dec 2019: Be in top 150
Box name: Release

Nel Tu
Terezi Pyrope
Annoying Dog
Unnoticeable Kohai
GaiaOnline: Unnoticeable Kohai another hiatus
Unnoticeable Kohai has no recent activity.

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Kanto Legend (Jul 29/11)
Johto Legend (Nov 21/11)
Hoenn Legend (Mar 4/12)
Sinnoh Legend (Mar 31/13)
Unova Legend (May 5/13)
Alphabet Soup (Oct 20/13)
Pokedex Master (Oct 20/13)
Pokedex Master Plus (Oct 20/13)
Determined (Jan 5/13)
Lucky Day (Jan 1/13)
Master Hunter (Jan 1/13)
Perfect 10 (Mar 15/13)

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