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Prize Points: 537
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Joined: Mon. Jul. 27/09
Last seen: Sun. Feb. 14/16 (Desktop)
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From: United States
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Unluck's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, April 1st 2013 at 3:10 PM

PiratessUnluck on Tumblr.

Musing of the Moment- Been a bit off lately, sorry for the lack of clicking everyone. University is kicking my ass.

Hello, I'm Unluck. I'm a 17181920 year old girl who lives in Southern California and attends UCSB .

Party for One and PhantomShadow are my BFFs. Click them too please!

Here's the deal:
I've been pretty bad lately with the clicking back, but when I do I make sure to get all of the Exploration berries correct!

My favorite Pokémon are ghost, dragon, and poison types.

My first egg obtained was a female Sandshrew on July 27th, 2009.
My first egg hatched was a male Caterpie on July 28th, 2009.
My first legendary egg obtained was a Phione bred by Buck12. Thank you!
My first novelty egg obtained was a Bidofo bred by Manticore. Thank you!

[X] Hatch all starters
[X] Raise a lvl 100 Salamance
[X] Raise a lvl 100 Flygon
[X] Hatch a Missingno
[X] Hatch a Shiny Pokémon
[X] Hatch a Clone Pokémon
[X] Get all Eevee Evolutions
[ ] Get all Unowns (13/28)
[X] Get a shiny Novelty/Legendary

Nekoofdeath on GaiaOnline.
PiratessUnluck on Skype.

1st- Pinsir
2nd- Yanma
3rd- Flygon
4th- Drifloon
5th- Chandelure

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