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Journal last updated: Friday, February 25th 2011 at 7:52 PM

Ehh umm not alot of my pokemon need clicking, just click any eggs i have.
*Status* look at the poke ball
*Click Rules* You click my eggs, I always click back unless it resets and i am not on.....If i click you please click back.
You seriously need a life...:
Get either a timid or gental primal dialga or shadow lugia.
What are you trying to prove?: Get every single pokemon
Pokemon Nut: Get all my pokemon from collosium
1. Umbreon Male LVL 85
2. Houndoom Female LVL 78
3. Scuicune LVL 63
4. Raiku LVL 65
5. Skarmory Female LVL 65
6. Absol Female LVL 56
Ooh Pretty!: Get my first shiny. [X]
Cloning: Get my first clone. [X] Thanks to Godlytion's clone Venasaur and normal Bulbasaur.
|August 26 1:11| Got my first Kind - Of Legendary Phione
|August 31 5:38| OMG OMG! My first shiny!
|October 18 9:10| AWSOME. A Bidoofo I did get. May the force be with you Shilo.
|October 20 8:50| COOOOOOOOOOOL Mising no.
|October 29 7:07| OMG OMG Giratina baby:D FINALLLYYYY
|October 30 5:20| AWWW i got a blue chest and saw the latias egg but, i missed it
|November 4 8:12| easter bun bun!!!!
|July 14 9:00| missed a pokii got a wymsy
|August 26 9:30| O.o got lugia and kyogre from shelter....?
|September14 6:01| Won a hot rock and got a heatran woot
|February 24 11:25| Hmmm randomly found a shaymin while chansey hunting. WOOT
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