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Journal last updated: Sunday, February 20th 2011 at 4:16 PM
Activity is sporadic, so if I don't click back, that's why.

I click back 100% of the time, unless my internet dies or I have lots of homework/ am not online. I will click all of your Pokemon unless one of your eggs is ready to hatch. Because of this, I guess you could say I'm a reliable clicker, so add me to your Pal Pad if you want returned clicks every day. If you yourself are a reliable clicker, tell me and I'll add you.

I click back full party to anyone and everyone, even one-clickers, and if you are a one-clicker, please click the first Pokemon in my party, as they are ordered in importance of clicks. 8D.

Currently in random search of:

-Shiny Treeko NOMNOMNOM (Failed Hatches: 4 Total Hatches: 4)
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