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Journal last updated: Monday, September 3rd 2018 at 1:48 PM
Going on right now:
Exploration: Transforming the Heart
Shiny Hunt: Pachirisu

15th in the Most Pokémon Evolved Today Rankings!!! (14 Oct '10)

Hello and Welcome!

My thanks to everyone who clicked my Eggs or Pokémons! I'll try to click back as soon as possible. It might take a little while, because my internet is very slow. (although Berry Feeder helps a lot!)
I always click the full party! And I always (try to) give the Pokémons the proper berry!

When you add me to your Pal Pad I will also put you on mine's! ^^
If your deleted from my Pal Pad than it's because you didn't clicked back much, but you still have my on your Pal Pad so you still get clicks from me! ^^
And for people who are interested:
I'M DUTCH! (Ik ben Nederlands!)
That also means that my time zone is +1.



- Achievement Pokémons
- Legendary's and Novelty's!
(Who isn't?)



[_] Itemfinder
[_] Lucky Egg
[_] Darkrai
[_] Meloetta


First Achievement: Newbie Hatcher

First Egg: Meditite Egg
First Pokémon: Togepi

First Legendary: Manaphy!
First Novelty: MissingNo!
First Event Egg/Pokémon: Moltres!

First Shiny: Nidoran F!! (random hatch!)

LThoi is my little bro and he would love to get some clicks too. ^^

Thank you for visiting my page, come again soon! ^^
TwilightWolf has no recent activity.

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Novelty Collector (Apr 17/12)
Trio Collector (Jul 30/14)
Happy Anniversary! (Apr 16/12)
Team Rocket (Jan 30/10)
Royal Flush (Oct 5/10)
Shiny Hunter (Jul 30/14)
Master Clicker (Nov 4/13)

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