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    Journal last updated: Saturday, September 15th 2012 at 7:33 AM
    Feel free to ask me by PM to add you to my pal pad for Social Network if you already have 50 adds or more. I will NEVER report you for sending me the PM. Since there's a rule against it, i'll say this again: "you can send me a PM for help with SN". Why 50+? Because i want to help more people and unfortunately the space on my pal pad is limited. Please PM me again when you get the achievement, so i can take you out and help others in need.

    Officially in love with explorations, Mawile and Gochimiru <3
    Got SN, thanks a LOT everyone!

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for clicking! I'll try my best to repay everybody, just don't be upset if it takes a while when i'm offline. Consider i live in europe, GMT plus 1, (why isn't the "plus" symbol displayed?) so i won't be probably noticing any click i receive approximately after my 21.00; feel free to click only if i clicked you before, otherwise i won't be able to track you and click back because of the "early" sleep time.
    Every interaction is appreciated, but since i do not "count" and scroll-click everything you got, it would be nice if you did the same.
    Sadly, i don't have time too keep track of all of my click-debts caused by people having less pets than me, so if you feel like i owe you some interactions, just click a pokemon of mine and i'll probably scroll-click you anyway.
    Bye and please keep on clicking :)

    Berry matching almost only for exploration pokemon ATM, sorry.

    Thanks to all those kind people who click me after picking up one of my bred eggs, i really appreciate it ^w^


    Mystery Creature of the Ruins completed 21 times - fastest completion time: 1 hour 59 minutes
    Shinies i want: swablu, shroomish, surskit, volbeat, illumise, sentret, woobat, tangela, golett, skarmory, larvesta.
    Self-bred shinies: 5
    Skin: green on black
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