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Tsu's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, August 14th 2015 at 1:01 PM
Welcome to my Page! :3

Full party clicker (if you have no eggs ready to hatch, of course) and everyday player.. as usual.
Everyone who adds me to their Pal Pad will get full party clicks every day I'm online~

~Trainer Info:
Name: Helen
Gender: Female
Age: 20
First Pokémon: Squirtle
Favorite Pokémon: Quilava
First Shiny Pokémon: Absol
Trinkets: 845/2931
DeviantArt: Blood-D
vk.com: blood_d

[X] Get first legendary (Manaphy, Sep. 18th)
[X] Collect all fossils (18/18)
[] Collect all novelties
[] Complete non-very rare dex of all generations (4/6)
[] Get all achivements (lol)
[] Obtain:

.....Quilava(f), Absol(m), Wigglytuff(f), Bouffalant(m), Seviper(f), Krookodile(m), Sawsbuck(m),
.....Ninetales(m), Larvesta(f), Dragonair(m), Liepard(m), Mienshao(m)
[] Shinies:
.....Eveelutions(0/9), Corsola, Milotic, Gyarados, Charizard, Ninetales, Zoroark;
.....Any novelty, Any Legend
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Kanto Champion (Jan 1/13)
Johto Champion (Sep 25/13)
Hoenn Champion (May 31/14)
A Novel Approach (Jun 28/14)
OCD (Apr 19/13)
Kanto Master (Oct 26/12)
Johto Master (Apr 17/13)
Hoenn Master (Mar 30/14)
Sinnoh Master (Aug 8/14)
Ruin Maniac (Oct 12/12)
Happy Anniversary! (Aug 14/13)
Master Clicker (Oct 3/12)
Master Breeder (Oct 13/13)

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