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Journal last updated: Saturday, September 24th 2016 at 11:26 AM
Hello all!
My name is Trones and if anyone plays Soccer Spirits - then you know who that is~ Love him <3
I love roleplaying and writing, I am currently obsessed with a few anime fandoms, but I love talking.

Sapphire has to be my first ever pokemon game which is why I'm partial to the Hoenn region, but I have to admit some of the newer pokemon are just adorable! I am here to make friends and talk about pokemon or even talk about anything in the world. As you may notice from my pokemon, they are named after canon anime characters and originial characters that my friend and I have created.
Very soon - I might even have their shiny versions, all depends on my luck.

Starter: Poochyena
First Shiny: Shiny Female Espurr (now evolved to Shiny Female Meowstic) name - Althea
First Level 100: Rapidash named Dino

Shinies to Hunt
- Espurr (wanted shiny male, Round 5)*
- Ralts*
- Goomy*
- Budew (sitewide shiny hunt)*
- Feebas*
- Swirlix
- Cottonee
- Charmander
- Cyndaquil
* = currently hunting

Successful Hunts
- Espurr, round 1 (female)
- Espurr, round 2 (female)
- Espurr, round 3 (female)
- Espurr, round 4 (female)
- Chimchar, site wide shiny hunt (male)
- Flabebe, race (female)

Feel free to message me! I would love to chat!
- Trones
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