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 Trainer Emily

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Trainer Emily's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, December 8th 2020 at 1:47 PM
What Pokémon I need right now: Latios, Karrablast, Remoraid.

Clicking Policy

If my eggs need hatching, I'll click who is online, if I just need to use the Pokéwalker to level up my Pokémon, I'll use the random selection to make the process quicker.

Pokémon Owned

I only adopt Pokémon from the Lab, I like the randomness of never knowing what you're going to get!

I release my Pokémon if my boxes get too crammed, though I do take good care of them in my party until they are fully evolved, at maximum happiness, and maximum level before release.


I breed as soon as I get one female, and one male of each species.

This doesn't include different forms however, for example I would only breed two Gorebyss, not a Gorebyss and a Huntail. The only exception are gender-dependent species such as Nidoking and Nidoqueen which are only a gender each.

I keep a breeding pair until I find another.

Pal Pad

Sorry folks, my Pal Pad is reserved for those who are the lucky receivers of one of the shiny eggs I have bred.

I go through my Pal Pad when it is full, and if there are users that are inactive, they will be removed to free up space.

Mutual PalPad friends get free trinkets of mine if they haven't got them already!

Trinket Collection

4100/4163 - 98% Total Completion

I accept all trinket offers, no matter if I already have them, the rarity, or the trinket, just to help out those still collecting!

Highest Ranking

Rank 968 - 02.03.20

If you've read this far, you're truly a hero.

Thank you for reading!

Trainer Emily
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